Would you like to dispose of those family jewels that you no longer use? The Gold and Silver coins that you have in the safe mean nothing to you? We make an offer without any obligation and give the best market value.


Find out what is the best fate for each of your items. We provide an analysis of your items (jewels, coins, silver and gold) and we help you making good businesses.



Bank transfer


- Over the age of 18 years old

- Present Citizen's Card, Identity Card or Passport

- Present National Insurance Number

- Present proof of address and others

Requirements for sale

Restoring a jewel is more than polishing it, it is a way of preserving memories, moments and history. At Ângelo Costa, we have qualified specialists that can evaluate the condition of your jewellery item, in order to assess what types of repair they will carry.


Have you imagined your dream jewel? We take customised orders.

Our team integrates experienced professionals who are focused on the needs of our clients and who will help you finding what you are looking for.

We also create bespoke designs in our restoration shop.

All types of jewellery, items in gold or silver, wrist or pocket watches from good brands, individual or coins collection, heritage items, among others.